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DYCO offers maintenance services of already-installed automatic systems, and to design, develop and implement your new industrial automation and process control projects.

  • Industrial maintenance: We look for the best solution available in the market to substitute or to replace equipment belonging to your current systems, enlarging its lifetime in the process.
  • Projects development: For your industrial automation and process control project we can offer you turnkey solutions or we can also participate in a specific phase of your project such as, engineering development, electrical panels, control systems programming, and starting-up your automated process; with the quality and efficiency that you deserve.
  • Engineering Consulting: In collaboration with you, we define and develop the project specifications. In order to guarantee the requirements and standards fulfillment, we supervise the project development and erection.

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What can we offer you?

For the development of your projects DYCO offers you the following services:

Engineering documentation: development of all the technical documentation needed for your project. The developed documentation can be separated divided into two phases or stages: basic engineering documentation and detailed engineering documentation.

The general project guidelines to be followed are defined during the basic engineering phase. This project stage is not a constructive phase, in principle the generated documentation is used for viability and cost study of the project development.

In the basic engineering stage we define:

  • Viability system study.
  • Required general equipment list.
  • Control system definition.
  • System interaction basic schemes.
Ingenierías básica y detalle

The detailed engineering starts from the basic engineering. Its highly recommended recheck the basic engineering before starts with the detailed engineering to correct any unforeseen change  during the stages change. The objective of this stage is the development of all the details required to the successfully implementation of the project.

  • Accessories and equipment detailed list.
  • System interaction detailed schemes.
  • Equipment operations and interconnections description.

Electrical panels: we develop the control and power drawings for the required panels, their construction, FAT and SAT procedures and its installation at site.

PLC panel with laptop

Control system programing: We work side by side with you from the Project’s beginning in the requirements definition in order to guarantee the development of an efficient and optimized program.

Start-up: Every automated process implies a start-up step as the end phase of a Brand new Project or as a result of a maintenance work. DYCO places at your disposal its automation and process control experts to handle this work.

Technical support: We offer you after-sale technical support, in case your system present any unexpected behavior, we give the support you need in order to ensure your process continuity.

We hope to have cleared all the doubts you could have about us, if so we would be pleasure to start working with you to get your project forward and if you still do not see what you are looking for please contact us.